Saturday, August 2, 2014


Big sister memories from the little one's point of view....

Matching lavender Easter dresses and sneezy pictures taken by dad.

Cheesy Egg Bake concoction made lovingly by you every Christmas morning

Comedy routines for Gramma after Grampa Gregory died. We all laughed until we cried.

You saying to me, "say, split pea soup ten times fast", and I did.

Sleeping on army cots in red plaid sleeping bags in Idaho. Waking up to chilly mornings and the smell of coffee and bacon on the fire by dad. Us kids sporting black sticky marshmallow faces from the night before.

You hiding your face in a pillow while we bounced up the edge of the mountain in dad's 4-door pink International "pickem up" truck.

Sharing clothes, make-up and Seventeen magazines as we were teenagers.

Me feeling awfully special to be able to learn to play the tenor sax that you bought with your paper route money and you being so nice to let me use it.

Me wanting to grow up to be as funny, smart and talented as my big sister. You were forever fearless.

We were and always will be, best friends. We shared a bedroom for almost 10 years, we shared a home for 18, and we will always share a piece of each other's heart.

I hope this birthday made you feel as special as you are.

May you never forget to dream and always believe that they can come true!

I love you and the person you have grown up to be; strong, loving and kind <3


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